Nancy Jimmerson

FNP Program Assistant

The Family Nutrition Program provides valuable information to the youth in our state. They are encouraged to follow the guidelines of MyPyramid through good eating habits as well as physical activity.

Program objectives are to teach a series of lessons using the Healthy Weights for Healthy Kids, Professor Popcorn, and Literacy, Eating, and Activity for Preschoolers curriculum. These lessons incorporate basic nutrition, food safety, germ awareness, and promote physical activity. The goal is to end childhood obesity.

As a result of participation in this program, children across the state have gained knowledge that will enable them to make better choices and lead healthier lives.


2002-2004 Attended Southside Virginia Community College, Alberta, VA


2007-Present Program Assistant, Family Nutrition Program

2004-2007 Daycare Provider

1992-2004 Early Childhood Paraprofessional